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The Chile Rocket 
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The Chile Rocket is a rocket which uses chile pepper fuel. This is known as a biofuel. It turning out that this fuel which uses chile extract as its source is both eco-friendly and highly renewable. People have signed the Chile Rocket as well as take pictures with it. Lots of local events have the Chile Rocket on a booth in order for you to sign it. Signing the Chile Rocket comes with a small fee of $5 for children (17 and under) and for adults is just $10. 
          Thrugate Aerospace is a company founded by Lee M. Rush. It specializes in building rockets powered by alternitive fuels. And serving non-traditional space customers. 
Chile Rocket Release:​

Chile Rocket Fires, Las Cruces man builds rocket powered by fuel made from Chile Peppers.  Near Las Cruces area on September 12, 2015. Las Cruces man, Lee Rush, test fired a rocket he built powered fuel made from Chile Peppers.  After feeling the burn on June 1, 2016, with his latest successful test firing near Las Cruces are bound to test flight in a test facility in Mojave California for tests this Saturday June 5, 2016.  After which he is looking for the Chile Rocket to do test flights in various locations throughout California.  This is an effort to develop a rocket powered by a renewable, locally produced, and enviornmentally safe fuel capable of reaching space.  The current rocket engine is proof of concept prototype.  All of those that are interested in making a donation to suport the Chile Rocket please visit website or E-mail us at for more information.  Thank you for your enthusiastic support and contribution to the Chile Rocket. 


Rocket Firings

        The sponsor of the Chile Rocket includes:
  • Electrolysis Center Beatrice Valles R.E.
  • (Was) sponsored by New Mexico State Fair
  • Hatch Chile Festival.
Chile Rocket "Bern" Test Las Cruces, NM
 May 26th 2016
Chile Rocket Ignitor Test Las Cruces, NM     May 19th 2016

Chile Rocket ignitor test at Frontier Aeronautics Rocket Test Facility in Chugwater, Wyoming
June 2015
Chile Rocket engine test Las Cruces, NM  September 2015

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